Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Don't Care!

Speaking the Russian language often requires rewiring your brain in order to stop yourself from just translating phrases from English into incomprehensible Russian. As an intermediate Russian student, I had difficulty figuring out how to say that essential phrase: “I don’t care.” The problem is that the verb to care in Russian (заботиться) has the meaning of “I care for my elderly parents,” not “I don’t care if we eat Thai food or not.” Thus, I offer you many ways to say “I don’t care” for your many moods.

Мне не важно.

Мне не интересно.

The most basic ways to say “I don’t care.” I shows that you’re indifferent because the issue in question doesn’t matter to you.

Мне всё равно.

This phrase literally means “It’s all equal to me.” This is what you say when your friends are debating whether to eat at a pizzeria or a столовая (cafeteria), and you really don’t care either way.

Мне пофиг.

This one is жаргон (slang) and thus very conversational. It expresses indifference with a high degree of flippancy. “Я признался ей в любви, но ей пофиг! Как обидно!” (I declared my love but she couldn’t care less! How offensive!”) If in the Autonomous Territory of Gagauzia in Moldova, one can substitute the phrase “Bana hepo”...but only in Gagauzia.

Мне по барабану.

This one is more idiomatic. It basically means that the issue in question is like meaningless pounding on a drum to you.

Меня это не заботит.

This one actually does incorporate the verb заботиться, and should be used in cases when you disdain something or prefer to ignore it entirely. It sounds quite arrogant and rude, so use with caution!

Не моё дело.

This one has a dismissive connotation. For example, if you’re trying to explain the reason why you left work early, your boss may say this, meaning “I don’t care about your lame excuse.”

До одного места.

This one is not exactly for mixed company as it means “to a certain place,” a euphemism for one’s derrière. So, use with discretion.

Remember, it all depends on the context! If you know any other way to express your disdain or indifference, please add it in a comment.


  1. I can't tell you how many times I have heard пофиг in random conversations. I think I knew three of these before. Thank you lady.

  2. Меня не волнует :)

  3. How can we call in Russian a person who doesn´t care about anything at all! A 'couldn´t-care-less' person?????? Thankssss

  4. > 'couldn´t-care-less' person
    That would be "безразличный(-ая)" which is like "indifferent"