Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Taste of Russian Podcast

I'm going to be traveling away from my home base of Prishtina for the next week or so, so I may be slow with the posts. In the meantime, here's a great podcast, recommended to me by Craig Laurie, that has the same goals as our humble blog. It's called A Taste of Russian and it is made by two native speakers from Russia. Unfortunately, they don't seem to update their website anymore, but you can still download everything from iTunes or the website for free.

What makes this podcast stand out from the pack is that everything is in Russian—slow Russian—and they never translate anything into English. Instead, they define new words through Russian, since that is how you will likely be learning new words if you travel to the former USSR anyways. They don't shy away from conversational language, slang or idioms, either.

Plus, the topics are great. For starters I highly recommend podcast #20 "Наглость—второе счастье?" (Impudence/Rudeness—the second happiness?) if you want to learn about a truly Russian concept. Podcasts #18 and #16 are also must-listen for any new English teacher/Fulbright English Teaching Assistant/Peace Corps English Education Volunteer in the former USSR. Each episode comes with a PDF guide if you miss anything.



  1. Hey, you don't update your blog anymore?!
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